The Pearl Fishers
Story Production Cast
 The Pearl Fishers
By Georges Bizet
April 19, 27 & May 2

Against the watery setting of ancient tropical Ceylon, vows of eternal friendship are put to the ultimate test in this story of desire and sacrifice. Two fishermen, Nadir and Zurga, are plunged into the depths of a forbidden love triangle when a mysterious woman from their past, Leila, returns and ignites a jealous rivalry.

Though both men swore not to allow this beautiful Brahmin priestess to come between them, Nadir and Leila concede to their passion, and when they are caught Zurga is forced to decide their fate. As the opera builds toward a violent climax, will the bonds of fraternal loyalty and the revelation of a secret from Zurga's past persuade him to forgive? Or will his envious rage make him callous?

Language: French

Supertitles: English & Spanish