Support Us

From the founding of Fort Worth Opera in 1946 to 2007 when the company converted to an annual spring Festival to today, donors have always been instrumental in Fort Worth Opera's success.

Your contribution supports:
  • Casting talented and distinguished singers
  • Spectacular and critically-acclaimed productions staged by the finest directors
  • Innovative Opera of the Americas productions including Kevin Puts' Pulitzer Prize-winning Silent Night and the professional premiere of Daniel Cozier and Peter Krask's With Blood, With Ink
  • Research and development of new work through our Frontiers showcase
  • Fort Worth Opera's highly successful opera education program
Fort Worth Opera depends on your generous support, since donations account for 75% of the company's annual income. When you donate or volunteer for Fort Worth Opera, you are making a wise, community-friendly investment. So get ready to invest and become a part of Fort Worth Opera, which has been named one of the "country's premier opera festivals."

Please be as generous as you can, and remember your donation to Fort Worth Opera is completely tax-deductible. You can review our IRS Form 990 HERE (a free registration may be required).