Called, “One of the most significant music events of the year.” (DMagazine – 2013), Fort Worth Opera’s Frontiers showcase is breaking the mold of the traditional operatic experience by inviting patrons to experience new and innovative work at the beginning stages of an opera’s creation.

Fort Worth Opera will host the fourth annual opera showcase, Frontiers, May 4 – 5, 2016, during the last week of the 2016 Fort Worth Opera Festival.

Eight selected works will be presented in the intimate setting of the Kimbell Art Museum’s Kahn Auditorium. The 20-minute excerpts, sung by artists from the 2016 Fort Worth Opera Festival with piano accompaniment, will be offered in two separate showcases of four works each on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 6:00pm – 8:00pm and Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 6:00pm – 8:00pm.


Jorge Sosa

Laura Sosa

La Reina

La Reina, by composer Jorge Sosa and librettist Laura Sosa, delves into the life of a drug trafficker from Mexico, Regina Malverde. Seen mostly through flashback sequences, the life and choices of Regina are revealed as she contemplates “death with dignity.”

Zach Redler

Mark Campbell

A Song for Susan Smith

A Song for Susan Smith, composed by Zach Redler with a libretto by Mark Campbell, retells the true story of Susan Smith, a woman who went on television in 1994 to plea for the return of her two sons whom she claimed had been abducted by an African-American man. Nine days later, she revealed a dark secret.

Conrad Cummings

The Golden Gate

Based on Vikram Seth’s best-selling novel-in-verse, The Golden Gate is composed by Conrad Cummings. Five twenty-somethings experience love, life, and loss in the magical and innocent San Francisco of the early 1980’s. Couples come apart and are formed while families are created and friendships are severed.

Scott Wheeler

Sorrows of Frederick

Composer Scott Wheeler wrote Sorrows of Frederick. The story centers around a king and how his admiration of Voltaire can quickly turn to contempt.

Clint Borzoni

John De Los Santos

When Adonis Calls

When Adonis Calls, written by composer Clint Borzoni and librettist John de los Santos, chronicles the tumultuous correspondence between an established writer and an eager young admirer.

Frank Ferko

Sally M. Gall

The Hill

Composer Frank Ferko and librettist Sally Gall present their opera, The Hill, a consolatory work for an era when youth is cut off in its prime – dealing with the issues of love, grief, and death.

PQ Phan

The Tale of Lady Thị Kinh

Exploring the realm of love and a commitment to religion, specifically a devotion to Buddhism, composer P.Q. Phan presents The Tale of Lady Th Kinh.

Charles Halka

John Grimmett

And Jill Came Tumbling After

And Jill Came Tumbling After, written by composer Charles Halka and librettist John Grimmett, was inspired by the idea of hikkomori – a phenomenon which describes adolescents and adults (particularly Japanese men) who isolate themselves in their rooms for year at a time, usually as a result of feelings of failure or shame.


Interested and qualified candidates can obtain the submission information and address by contacting Nathan DePoint at Only 15-25 minutes of a composition will be considered and all works must be submitted by 11:59 pm May 31, 2015.

Between six and eight compositions will be selected for participation in the 2016 Frontiers showcase. There is a $20 US application fee.

Applications must consist of:

  • Piano/Vocal score for the selection ONLY (15-25 minutes of music)
  • Libretto for the selection ONLY (additional English translation if the work is in another language)
  • Synopsis of the entire work
  • Recorded sample of the selection ONLY. These can be piano/vocal recordings (preferred), midi recordings, orchestral recordings, but must be converted into an mp3 or similar format before uploading.
  • Note: All composer/librettist names must be removed from the submission materials for blind evaluation by the panel
  • Submission PDF


  • Darren K. Woods

  • Nathan Depoint

  • Joe Illick

  • Keith Wolfe

  • Lawrence Edelson

  • William Florescu

  • John Hoomes

  • Ben Krywosz

  • Nicole Paiement

  • Steve Osgood

  • Sarah Williams