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Music Speaks

The Language of Poetry and Libretti Workshop Series



FWO Green Room presents Music Speaks: The Language of Poetry & Libretti Workshop Series (January 7, 9, 16, 23, 30 and February 6) will be held on Zoom and simultaneously streamed to FWO’s Facebook page. These insightful masterclasses and seminars will provide college aged and emerging artists with world-class instruction from the industry’s leading coach/accompanists. Fort Worth Opera’s innovative virtual series will present a unique educational experience for voice students to hone their craft and continue developing their language skills, as they pursue careers on the operatic stage.



A cohort of singers will be chosen to participate in the six masterclasses and seminars beginning the second week of January. Led by the company’s talented Lesley Resident Artists and joined by an additional 4 graduate-level voice students from across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, this class will receive unparalleled access to three of the opera world’s top language specialists. This exciting workshop series will give classical lovers an exclusive insider's look into the anatomy of art songs and arias. ​​

Music Speaks: The Language of Poetry & Libretti Workshop is presented free of charge to all participating artists and auditors.

In lieu of a participation or event fee, Fort Worth Opera asks that you consider making a 100% tax-deductible donation. All gifts received will support Fort Worth Opera and allow us to continue bringing engaging programmatic initiatives to our audiences and inspiring educational programming. 


Click HERE to make a gift. 



Consider a 100% tax-deductible donation instead.

January 7 – February 6, 2021 at 2:00 – 3.30 p.m. EST

• Italian Art Songs and Arias (January 7 & 9) with Lucy Yates

• French Art Songs and Arias (January 16) with J.J. Penna

• German Lieder and Arias (January 23) with J.J. Penna

• Italian Art Songs and Arias (January 30 and February 6) with Rachelle Jonck


  • On January 7 and 9, Lucy Yates, pianist, conductor, librettist, Italian grammar and poetry teacher, and Lecturer in Opera in the Herb Alpert School of Music at UCLA, will hold seminars on Italian art songs and arias. Additionally, she will provide an online poetry game for Zoom audiences to play together, with instructions and a link to be provided when auditors register. 


      • After all you’ve been through in 2020, why not start 2021 as a poet! Join us at this link for three writing games based on traditions that have shaped libretto design for 400 years. Directions for Game 1 begin on page 4: bring a line from any poem you know, and start stacking! Page numbers after that will change based on how much you like to play… PLAY THE GAMES HERE


  • On January 16, highly sought-after collaborative pianist and Juilliard School vocal literature professor J.J. Penna will guide students through the performance of French art songs and arias. On January 23, he will return to explore German Lieder and arias - from Schubert, Heine, and Schumann, to Wagner, Strauss, and Meyerbeer.


  • On January 30 and February 6 the series will conclude with two additional workshops led by South African-born, New York City-based opera coach, pianist, and acclaimed conductor Rachelle Jonck, concentrating on Italian art song literature and arias. Ms. Jonck is the Principal Coach of Teatro Nuovo, co-founder of Bel Canto Boot Camp, and teaches at Westminster Choir College.​

    • Click HERE to read the terminology sheet for opera lovers.

    • Click HERE to read about the rules of the appoggiatura throughout the ages.






Audition Information

Audition Information

Singers can submit their materials to be considered to join the cohort and participate in all six masterclasses and seminars. After December 22nd, any late submissions will not be considered. *Selected singers will be notified December 28*


MATERIALS REQUIRED: Please submit a current resume, headshot, two recent video selections, phone number (in case of technical emergencies), website URL, and social media handles if available to:

Sophie Claytor

Marketing and Development Assistant with 



Selected participants will need to provide a live pianist for all of their sessions or be prepared to focus on text without accompaniment.


AGE LIMIT: 18 or older to apply, as we will be using singers’ bios and headshots in promotional materials, streaming the seminars live to Facebook from Zoom, and posting the recordings online for viewing at a later date.

Auditions Now Closed
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