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Lesley Resident Artist Recital Series



May 15 | 3 PM 



May 22 | 2 PM 

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May 15 | 3 PM

Photo by Freddie Watkins, Forever Photography




This concert features predominantly new music by living female composers. My theme stems from my experience and realizations throughout the pandemic. I realized that my music education had been steeped in white, male supremacy, and until this year, I never thought to question it. It is important to me when programming recitals now and in the future that I look beyond the typical classical canon and program music composed for TODAY'S audience. 


It is essential that my audience grab the message and relate to it immediately in 2021 and beyond. Who is today's audience? They are bold, colorful, and full of dimension and self-expression. My mission is to be a performer that meets that market and helps in the facilitation of diversity in classical music rather than upholding the outdated standards of yesteryear.


Sull’aria - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  from Le nozze di Figaro


The Heart of a Woman - Florence Price

Confessions - Clarice Assad

  Turn Back the Clock

  What Will They Think



Much in Common or Best Friends - Regina Harris Baiocchi

Dov'e sono - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  from Le nozze di Figaro


Songs from Letters - Libby Larsen (Calamity Jane to her daughter Janey)

  So Like Your Father’s

  He Never Misses

  A Man Can Love Two Women

  A Working Woman

  All I Have

The House - Mason Bynes

Photo by Freddie Watkins, Forever Photography

May 22 | 2 PM



To pursue: to go after, to seek, to continue. Whether or not we realize it, we all have short-term and long-term aspirations in life. We chase after our dreams no matter how extraordinary. This afternoon we will explore the pursuit of fame and fortune, love and joy, and simply, surviving day-to-day.


Gavotte - Jules Massenet

  from Manon


Three Dickinson Songs - André Previn

  As Imperceptibly As Grief

  Will There Really Be a Morning?

  Good Morning Midnight


Je suis encore étourdie - Jules Massenet

  from Manon



Mélodies - Henri Duparc

  L’invitation au voyage




Adieu, notre petite table - Jules Massenet

  from Manon


N’est-ce plus ma main

  from Manon


Oh No, That Moves Me So - Johann Strauss II

  from Die Fledermaus




The Post at River East - Trinity Room offers cabaret style seating. Due to COVID-19 protocols, $25 individual tickets are not available. All tickets are for a table of 4 or fewer. Parties of five or more must purchase an additional table.

Mother's Day SALE | Save 50%

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2 Recitals

$100 per table of 4

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$125 per table of 4 

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 Tickets are usually $100 per single table of 4, but now through Sunday at midnight, purchase a single table for only $50 using promo code MOM50 at checkout.

Buy two recitals for $100. Promo code unnecessary to purchase 2 recitals.

Fort Worth Opera requires all patrons to wear face coverings/masks at all times during the performance unless eating or drinking at the table. Patrons must also wear face coverings during the entrance, exit, and transit to and from the bar, facilities, and the venue in general. Per the CDC guidelines, face coverings/masks are to be worn over both the mouth and nose. 


The tables will be more than 6 ft apart for social distancing standards. We will also provide hand sanitizer at each table to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for everyone to enjoy.