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Relaxed Performances

Over the last decade, autism awareness has increased in prevalence. As a result we have adapted our innovative Children's Opera Theatre program to be even more inclusive! We have created a friendly, calm and supportive environment for audience members with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Asperger’s syndrome, Down syndrome and those with sensory differences. In order to create a more accessible environment, some elements of the production have been modified to reduce anxiety or stress. For example, the house lights do not move up and down, doors remain open, and singers’ sound levels are adjusted. Making noise, eating snacks and moving around is welcome. Children can also leave the space to take a break. Noise canceling headphones, color pages, and a designated quiet area are available.

Three Pigs Remix - Relaxed Performance

Target Audience: 2nd-6th Grade (Students with sensory difference)

Three little pigs. One big, bad wolf. Three exciting outcomes. Michael Ching’s delightful “remix” of the classic folktale about three friends who work together in the face of adversity. Remix One features an inspirational message of collaboration. Remix Two flips the story on its head and teaches students that structure and order are better than chaos. Remix Three advises students to “read smart,” “think smart,” share with others, and take care of one another when times get rough. Three Pigs Remix Relaxed Performance*** is the perfect introduction to opera and reading for children and their families.  

Email Sheran at to schedule a relaxed performance.

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