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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access

Fort Worth Opera has taken action to examine its history, reconcile its artistic privilege, and address inequities within the company to achieve a higher level of accountability to our artists, our staff, and our community. This examination has led our company to seek out distinct and measurable actions that support a more accessible, inclusive, anti-racist, and equitable company that honors and celebrates its 75-year-long legacy while ushering in a new era for the company. To that end, Fort Worth Opera has identified three overarching principles to guide our decision-making, artistic planning, and stakeholder engagement efforts as we strive to be a leader in the industry. For each principle, Fort Worth Opera commits to action-oriented work to advance innovation and champion integrity for Fort Worth Opera and the operatic art form. 


PRINCIPLE ONE: Since cultural institutions throughout history have promoted, and in some cases upheld, exclusion based on class, race, gender, and other forms of social division, Fort Worth Opera commits to: 


Break down barriers that limit access to opera experiences and creative expression. 

  1. We commit to dismantling historical barriers within the opera community and ushering in a more representative body of work. 

  2. We commit to creating a more accessible opera experience by ensuring productions consider viewing options, pricing options, language options, and performance locations across North Texas. 

  3. We commit to building a workforce representative of the diverse population we serve and removing inequitable barriers in casting, hiring, recruitment, and training. 

  4. We commit to reviewing classic works and commissioning new works from underrepresented and often underfunded artists that encourage diverse and representative storytelling. 


PRINCIPLE TWO: Since great art reveals hidden truths and asks that we open ourselves to the perspectives and lived experiences of others, Fort Worth Opera commits to: 


Foster open and productive dialogue with, and in support of, our performances and programs. 

  1. We commit to producing innovative work–both new works and reimaginings of classic works–that both exalts and denies, that challenges privilege and prejudice while enriching the spirit. 

  2. We commit to leading educational discussions and intentional community dialogues; that center the experiences of communities that have been, historically, left out of the opera discourse. 

  3. We commit to extending the opera experience beyond the performance space and into the diverse communities across North Texas through championing innovative education and outreach programs. 

  4. We commit to providing a holistic, artistic experience for our communities by facilitating lectures and community discussions that foster awareness of historical and current opera education 


PRINCIPLE THREE: Since every individual deserves to experience the joys and sorrows of fine art with dignity and respect, Fort Worth Opera commits to: 


Celebrate our shared humanity. 

  1. We commit to producing artistic experiences that forge closer connections between artists and audiences rooted in authenticity and value for each individual. 

  2. We commit to providing opportunities for various communities to come together in celebration of both our valued differences and our commonalities. 

  3. We commit to promoting a sense of belonging and connection to opera through partnerships with organizations serving the community in diverse ways. 

  4. We commit to treating anyone with whom we interact–artists, patrons, donors, staff–as an individual worthy of dignity and respect.

Our Commitment to Equity

The Fort Worth Opera family stands now and always in solidarity with our Black community, staff, artists, designers, friends, and creative partners against racism, inequality, and oppression of any kind. It is crucial that our company and the entire opera industry use this time to amplify Black voices and demand accountability and change. Fort Worth Opera will dedicate its creative resources to doing what the arts do best: breaking down barriers, fostering open and productive dialogue, and celebrating our shared humanity.

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