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Children's Opera Theatre

Studies show that a positive experience with arts education not only encourages a lifelong relationship with the arts, but often opens windows of curiosity that lead to a new enthusiasm and discipline for learning in general. Fort Worth Opera and Children’s Opera Theatre are dedicated to expanding the horizons of young people across the state of Texas, with concentrated efforts across the North Texas area. Since 1966, Fort Worth Opera has opened millions of young minds to the colorful and exciting world of opera.

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Stone Soup

Target Audience: K - 5th Grade​

Sally, a destitute 13-year-old girl, is on the steps of a grocery store in Texas one day in 1933, during the Depression. She has no job and no food, and she asks several customers if they will give her anything, but everyone refuses. The customers are of all different ethnic origins. She puts a stone in an old pot and sings to it. One by one the customers get interested. What is she doing? What is she making? She explains that she is cooking “Stone Soup,” and that it will taste even better with some additional ingredients. In the end, everyone contributes some of their groceries, and they cook the soup. It is delicious! The owner of the store comes out, and tries some. He adds even more ingredients, and everyone is delighted with the result. The owner decides to make “Stone Soup” in bulk and sell it at his store. He also offers Sally a job and agrees to take care of her.

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Frida Kahlo 

and the Bravest Girl in the World

Target Audience: K - 5th Grade​

Marianna is a young girl living in Mexico City. One day her family encourages her to have her portrait painted by the great artist, Frida Kahlo. The young girl is terrified at the thought - Frida keeps skeletons in her house, and people say she is a witch! As it turns out, she is happy to make friends with Marianna, who also meets Frida’s parrot, dog, and monkey - all of whom can sing, of course - and her husband, the artist Diego Rivera. Based on the acclaimed children’s book by award-winning author and illustrator Laurence Anholt, this delightful family opera is about art, bravery, and friendship. The audience sings too, and plays an important part in the story!

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Student to the Stage

Target Audience: 5th - 8th Grade

Student to the Stage is an extremely rare opportunity for students to hear a professional singer perform an array of music, tell their history, and allow the students to ask questions. Set in an intimate space, this 45-minute program allows students to be up close and personal with the performing artist. Since the majority of students are either unsure of their final career choice or they have no idea at all, it is very refreshing for them to speak with someone not far removed from the same situation. The performing artist will creatively, energetically, and interactively explain how they went from being a student to being a professional performer on the stage!

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Target Audience: 9th - 12th Grade​

Fort Worth Opera Children’s Opera Theatre Masterclass, presented by the Lesley Resident Artists, is an opportunity for selected middle and high school vocal students to have professional coaching in preparation for the state UIL competition. This two-hour session includes a one-on-one assessment of each student's solo performance piece. The Resident Artists will provide a detailed Choral Adjudicator Form which is standard to the Texas UIL competition. In addition, the artists perform for the students as a live demonstration of the stage presence component. Students in recent years have benefitted greatly from this individual coaching, and their peers find the observation mutually beneficial. Fort Worth Opera COT Masterclass is the ideal way to give students a real sense of what their UIL experience will be!

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Arts & Crafts


Educational Curriculum During the COVID-19 Crisis

Each FWO Arts-In-Place digital packet will include links for students and their families to download comprehensive study guides and entertaining videos (not all produced by FWO) of Puccini’s La Bohème, Strauss II’s Revenge of the Bat (Die Fledermaus), and a sneak peak of Héctor Armienta’s thrilling new opera Zorro (and other Zorro-inspired performances), plus a live performance of the company’s recent world premiere family opera Frida Kahlo and the Bravest Girl in the World.

FWO Arts-In-Place packets provide students with detailed information about each opera, the historical context surrounding them, the creative teams within each show, fun opera facts, and age-appropriate activities that utilize household items. Click the button below to request your FREE digital packet!

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