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Meet Hector Armienta, Composer-Librettist of "Zorro."

“As a Mexican American opera composer, I've devoted my life to creating work that draws on our history and our stories,” said Armienta. "The opera 'Zorro' gives me the perfect opportunity to tell a great story while setting it within a historical, cultural context.

Though the character of Zorro is fictional, I've incorporated the political unrest that occurred in Spain, México, and Alta California during the early 19th century as a direct result of Napoleon's war in Europe.

Musically, audiences will hear a variety of styles, including Mariachi, Mexican corridos, a Flamenco bulería, but within a neo-romantic operatic style. Finally, my goal is to create work that serves a cultural bridge between communities and excites new audiences to the power of opera.”

April 26, 28, & 30, 2020 at the historic Ridglea Theater! Get your tickets today at

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